Monday, July 11, 2016

Mrs. Whaley's garden

If I could return to an earlier time in the history of Charleston, it would probably be when Mrs. Whaley was tending her garden. A legend in the city, her garden was for invited guests only.

From the rear of the garden,
looking at the back of the house

During our first trip to Charleston (2014), I stood in front of her home, and listened to wonderful stories about the infamous Emily Whaley and her contributions to both Charleston and to her small piece of land. Oh, if I could only.............

If I could take pause from the sidewalk
Maybe catch a glimpse of a flower inside;
Possibly see the corner of a bench over there
If I could take pause from the sidewalk.

If I but peak through the gate
Maybe get a better view of the bench;
See cheerful flowers peaking from the corner of the fence
If I could but peek through the gate.

If I ever receive an invitation to enter
Maybe to see the garden unfold in front of my eyes;
Stroll to the back and breathe in the beauty
If I ever receive an invitation to enter.

A quiet place to entertain, read, or rest

RIP sweet pets

A wonderful outdoor dining space

When walking down Church Street last month, that "invitation" came in the form of a sign on the gate. Although not as neatly manicured as it once was, the garden is both a treasure and a significant piece of recent Charleston history.  I was honored to be able to walk through Mrs. Whaley's garden.

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