Thursday, July 21, 2016


When listing our previous home with a real estate agent, we chose to stage it ourselves. We did ask the agent if the staging was workable before putting the house on the market.

Whether you live in the house while it's on the market, or even if you have moved on, staging has proven to be important. It somehow provides a more cozy, homey feel that helps buyers see themselves living in the home. There are professional stagers, but it is also possible to DIY the task.

Make sure the house is clean, clean, clean. Paint touch-ups, or total paint jobs are great.

We packed with staging in mind. We knew which furniture we wanted to stay in the house while it was for sale. We needed to get rid of any clutter, so packing was essential.

My largest concern was the accessories I would need to not pack so that I could use them for staging. I seemed to have a brain glitch. After enlisting the advice of my daughter and a friend/neighbor, I was able to solve that problem.

Using items you own helps to keep costs to a minimum. The slide show gives some idea of items I pulled from my personal accessories to use in the house. Other items were found on "scavenger hunts" at local resale shops and/or discount stores.

A few random examples from the slide show:

  • A vignette on the kitchen counter consisted of two decorative plates, with a folded napkin and spoon on top. I added an over-sized coffee/tea pot, plus a wooden bowl with some artificial fruit. 
  • Entry table held a silk arrangement of magnolias, some books and a scented candle
  • The master tub had items that I had used in that space: a Corinthian column, silk plant, and candlesticks. I added a folded towel with a couple sea shells on top, and some soaps in a glass jar. 
  • A favorite table belonging to my parents held books, and we added a rustic bird house in front of the table
  • In the living room, books were used on the tables, with candle sticks in the corner to carry the eye so a buyer would appreciate the size of the room. The framed greeting card front was placed in a frame and easel I owned. 
  • Silk greenery added to an open mini trunk
  • My son's room had metal vehicles scattered around after he grew up and left. I used one of these on the table beside the bed. (Others were placed in the bathroom, plus on family room tables.) 
  • Simple candle on a folded towel next to a bathroom sink
  • Plant, mantel clock, candles, plus a match stick box all grace the mantel
  • Perfectly clean table cloth covers the kitchen table. A tray that holds a large pitcher and 3 water glasses was added
My favorite items to use were books, trays, and a few candles. 

As an example, I laid a tray on the master bed, with a tea pot, tea bag, tea cup, napkin, spoon, sugar bowl, and a book. 

There is also a tray on the coffee table. It holds an open bowl of fruit. Next to the tray sits a copper & glass lantern sitting atop 3 randomly arranged coffee table books. 

The artificial fruit was a discovery at a local resale shop. I was simply roaming around, trying to see what they had, when I discovered a bag of great looking fruit. 

My suggestion is to look at your space as a whole. After you have researched tips for staging, go back and look at your space one more time. Start making a list of spaces you want to fill. (You don't need know what you want to find or buy yet.) 

Take your list and visit your stash of accessories, even things you have already packed. (YES! I pulled things from my new house and used them. I'll be glad when they are back, but it's better than wasting money on something I wouldn't use again.)  You will probably find some perfect items you can use for staging. After all, you probably bought some of these things for the house you are selling, so chances are great they will fit into the big picture you have for how the house should look while it's being sold.

I used one of my cutting boards by the kitchen sink. After adding a wooden fork, plus a container of dried pasta, I then wondered what else might work to finish this vignette.

After you feel that you have found everything you own that will work, it's time to head to resale and discount stores. I added an artificial bread loaf and peppers that were found at Hobby Lobby when the items were on sale. 

Moving is one of the most stressful events in life, right under death and serious illness in my opinion. (I don't move often.) 

My best advice is stage if you can handle it, but not to worry if it is more of a project that you can handle with the move. Either way, I wish you the best!

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