Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ducks in the pool, oh my!

When I looked outside to see a pair of geese swimming in our pool, I was unnerved, to say the least. We had already chased some birds away that were walking around the patio and pool deck, acting like they had found a new place to play.

While the birds are beautiful, they make huge messes that I had grown tired of cleaning up.

After checking with my friend, Google, I decided to try to find a predator the birds would want to stay away from. After a quick trip to Academy, a sporting goods store, I came home with an inflatable alligator. He's probably about six-feet from tip of nose to tip of his tail.

At first "Allie" was this critter's name until we decided it was too ugly to be a female. It became Alex, and that is the name that stuck.

We had children playing in the pool over the summer and forgot to put Alex back in the pool once after the children left. The next morning, there were the ducks again. Alex hasn't been put away over night since then.

We've seen a duck have a staring contest with Alex, and watched the bird fly away after the pump turned on, moving the water and Alex. It is rather funny to watch.

So far, so good! I love not having to clean up after the birds every few days. THAT is just NASTY!!!

Story continues on January 1, 2016

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