Monday, September 5, 2016

Making a perfectly, perfect bed every day

This is not an advertisement - I get no advertising dollars from this company

The Facebook ad claimed,
"Hate making your bed? The duvet cover like you have never seen before" 
I clicked on it, like a few random ads I'd clicked on before this one. Most usually leave me bored and with a "whatever" response.

Crane & Canopy's new Nova Duvet Cover ad is different though. I watched, then rewound the video to watch it a second time.

Why hasn't someone thought of this before? (Maybe they have and I've missed it. Or maybe this is brand new to everyone and not just to me.) 

The Nova Duvet Cover sounds perfect for someone who rushes every morning to get their bed to look perfect before leaving the house. Or maybe as a bed cover to use in a guest bedroom so the guests won't need to figure out how to make the bed look as good as they found it.   ;-)   (At least those who try to be good guests and not leave a huge mess behind)

Bedroom inspiration and bedding decor | The Noe Grey Duvet Cover | Crane and Canopy
Photo belongs to Crane & Canopy

The faux "top sheet" is part of the duvet. Pull the duvet up, toss the matching pillows, and it becomes a perfectly made bed. How easy is that!!!

Photo belongs to Crane & Canopy

I'm convinced that even people like me who are half awake in the mornings could make this work!  Ingenious!!!

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