Wednesday, September 14, 2016

ORGANIZE your product manuals

After years and years (and years) of searching through a drawer full of product manuals, I accidentally discovered what to me was a PERFECT organizational system for this wealth of information.

Staples Expandable Pocket File Folders

With a package of 3 different color accordion style file envelopes, I sorted our manuals into different piles.

  1. Built-ins  (alarm system, stove top, wall oven, microwave, and even plumbing fixtures)
  2. Moveables  (toaster, alarm clock, etc.)
  3. Major appliances (things that are not built in: washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc)

In my new home, I have multiple large manuals for my kitchen appliances. I will probably add a fourth folder just to keep these manuals organized and handy to find.

This system can be easily customized for your personal needs. It works for me!  

If I replace my refrigerator, I simply open the "Major Appliances" folder, grab the manual for the old refrigerator and replace it with the new manual. The old manual goes with the old refrigerator if I'm selling it or donating it. If disposing of it, the manual can be trashed as well.

Another benefit:  When moving, we left "Built-Ins" folder the file drawer of our previous home. It allowed me to skip sorting through manuals, and probably never getting them back to the home's new owners. This is a win-win system!!!


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