Wednesday, September 14, 2016

SAVE those owner's manuals

Product manuals can get misplaced, trashed, lost during construction.

Ask the builder about a good spot for collecting manuals.

After the paint dries...............................

If you have an easy open cardboard file box, LABEL IT and leave it in that safe place. Ideas: kitchen pantry, hall closet shelf, etc.

The best container I've used is a trusty old banker's box.

Most builders will gladly keep all manuals together, but you can help. If you see a loose manual, add it to the collection before someone else walks by and tosses it in the trash bin. If an installer leaves manuals in the oven, under a sink, or elsewhere, make it a habit to add them to your box.

If you discover a missing manual after you move in, contact manufacturers through their online sites, asking for the specific manual you need.

When you find a website with no contact information, try the Search box. Type CONTACT and see if you get a form to fill out, or a phone number to call.

Be sure and have your model number handy BEFORE calling. That's the only way they can send the correct information to you.

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