Monday, September 12, 2016

The stressful task of hanging art

Does hanging wall decor have to be stressful?

Ignoring the task is a great temptation and so much easier. But is that the best solution?

Finally realizing that we have ignored this task long enough, it is now time to sort through our collection of wall pieces to see if any fit into this new house, But I also realize the task before me is one that I dread.  (It's easier to blog than hang pictures, but I'll keep this short and stop avoiding what needs to be done.)

Wondering if I'm the only person who seems to dread the task, I did what many adults would do in today's world. Just in case there could be a better method that my parents hadn't taught me, I Googled "How to hang art correctly," ending up with 1,890,000 results.

Apparently others understand my stress. When discovering that even Jeanne Robertson finds hanging a picture can be stressful, I decided to stop worrying, and get the chore behind me.

If you need to laugh before grabbing the hammer, nails, ruler, pencil, art, and level, then Jeanne is here to help.

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