Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cabinet hardware - back-plates? yes or no

 A "Magic Question" can be whether or not you want back-plates behind cabinet  knobs.

I added back-plates behind my bathroom and kitchen knobs because these cabinets are used frequently. I thought of it as protection for the cabinets.

But what about cabinets are aren't used as often? What about cabinets in a seldom used office or built in storage space that will be opened on a few occasions each year?  Should you use back-plates?

Although not sure there is a "Magic Answer," I've decided it is personal preference. It also depends on the budget. (Doesn't everything?)  :-)

Back-plates were not in my budget for the two china cabinets in my dining room, so I did not order them. The knobs on those cabinets were crystal with an ORB piece at the back. After living with these knobs for a few months, I decided to price back-plates and found some that were simple, but worked with the style of our house. AND they were affordable.

The top photo shows the knobs without back-plates (except the drawer). The bottom photo shows the matching cabinet with back-plates. Honestly, the photos do not look to be very different. And in the room, at first glance, the cabinets do not look much different than before I added the back-plates.

The only difference seems to be they now look to be more "finished" in my opinion.

It really does seem to be personal preference. Remember: If they are not in this month's budget, maybe it's worth saving for them at a later date if it is something you want. Hardware prices can quickly add up since you need multiples of each. Don't be upset if they are not in the builder's budget, or in your personal budget.

(NOTE: When viewed as white cabinets and ORB hardware, the  overall "look" in these two photos seems questionable. However, this dining room has white trim, walnut flooring, cherry furniture and an ORB chandelier with crystals. The walls are a beautiful Hunley blue from Duron's Colors of Charleston. The crystal knobs and ORB back-plates are right at home in the space.)

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