Friday, October 21, 2016

Closet lighting

Some friends and I had a brief discussion about closet lighting. I'll admit that I like the idea of opening a closet door and having instant light. How handy is that!?!?

My small coat closet and laundry room closet both have door jam switches. When the door is opened, the light pops on.

On the other hand, my clothes closet has a manual light switch with a simple dimmer slider, which was intentional. I wanted a light I could dim if I wanted it to be lower, which has turned out handy when I'm not getting dressed or cleaning the closet and need bright lighting.

I liked the laundry room closet light being automatic until there was a storm and we headed to an interior closet with no windows. That happened to be the this closet, and when the door was closed, the space was pitch black. OOPS! So now a flashlight lives in that closet to be ready for future storms.

My best advise is to think through how each of your closets will be used.

  • Do you have children who can't seem to turn the closet light off? Maybe you can teach them to close their closet door and solve that problem.   (Hopefully?)
  • Will this be a closet you need light in, even when it's closed?  (wall switch)
  • Is this a closet that's a quick in and out, such as hanging a guests' jacket? (door jam switch)
This seems to be another decision that has no perfect answer. It all depends on how you will use your home and what your personal needs are. 

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