Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Can a house have enough storage?

Even though I am inclined to think the answer is "NO!" I do realize that well-planned storage, plus not hoarding, can help us all utilize our storage wisely.

There are many great storage solutions available. You can plan your new space to incorporate some of these ideas, or borrow some for existing spaces.

Go UP! In new builds, find out if there is attic above your closet. If so, taller ceilings might be better. A 12 foot ceiling can house triple racks of shorter clothes on one wall. (Shirts, folded pants, etc.) The bottom two racks are reachable when standing. The top rack can be a pull-down that is easily accessible with a step stool. 
Shelves! If you have space to add shelves to your closet, ask the builder to include them. Draw a sketch of what you want for a walk-in closet.  

3 shelves above the clothes rack
in a coat closet with high ceiling

In the photo above, I realized there was space above the coat rack that would be wasted if not used. We asked for three shelves instead of having items stacked on top of each other and hard to find. 
Shelves are useful in other closets as well. Our family has a collection of movie DVDs that we enjoy having accessible. Our game room closet, although tight, had an empty wall. It was the perfect place to store DVDs so we could find them easily. The shallow shelves don't take up much space, yet provide a perfect solution. 

The game shelves on the left are deeper
while the DVD shelves on the right are shallow
We used lots of drawers in our bathroom cabinets. Banks of drawers stacked on top of each other make for easier organization than simply having an under-sink cabinet with a door or two. 
Again, we used drawers when designing our kitchen cabinets. Most of our lower cabinet storage involves drawers. I do have heavy cast iron, large skillets, large bowls and soup pots behind doors. Another lower cabinet holds plastic drinking pitchers and Tupperware/Rubbermaid type storage containers. All of these items were either too heavy or too tall for drawers.
To the right of my range (because I'm right handed) is a drawer with diagonal dividers. It holds cooking utensils.
Trash drawers hold trash and recycling cans.
Pull-outs hold cutting boards and more utensils.
There is divided  baking sheet storage above my ovens.  

One lower cabinet holds more divided storage for heavier items such as pizza stones, heavy roasting pans, etc. 


Shelves aren't the only vertical storage solutions. One of my favorites is slat board. We used slat boards in my husband's closet, plus in the utility room closet. 
We've used peg-board in one of the pull-out drawers by the range. There is also peg-board wall storage in our garage.  
Pool towels have a perfect home in the bath closest to the pool. In what was planned to be a "dead space" between three walls,we decided it could be a perfect storage place for a bank of shelves that became home to rolled-up pool towels. 

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