Friday, November 4, 2016

Face Lift for dining room chairs

When it's time to recover the cushions on your dining room chairs, there is a "trick" that might make it easier. (Shared with us by Shar de Marsais of Red Door Decor)

Number the bottom of each cushion and the chair frame before unscrewing the cushions from the chairs.

The reason???

The photo on the left shows there are 4 bolts and washers that are all snug. You will want it to be just like that after replacing the cushion.

If the cushion is removed without numbering both the cushion and the matching chair, you will probably have problems when putting the cushions back in place.

The holes will not line up and you will end up with bolts that do not screw in correctly. Although it is not an earth shattering problem, you want the cushions to be snug.

If the seats get mixed up, chances are a bolt or two can not be screwed in properly, which will leave them uneven.

NOTE: Mona at CraftKlash has a video that shows her redoing a dining room table. At 2 minutes, 19 seconds in the video, you can watch a quick version of her recovering a chair cushion.

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