Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"Investment pieces" ( furniture ) part 2

(continued from previous post)

Pulling it together

Living room

**As I shared, the fabric on the wing-back chairs was worn on both the ottomans and the chair arms. Yet, we didn't feel the need to invest in new furniture since the frames were still in great shape.
We chose to have the living room pieces reupholstered, which was a substantial savings Also, we were able to purchase a better quality fabric than we would have been able to get on a new piece. Shar de Marsais with Red Door Decor searched tirelessly to find the perfect fabrics for this project.

The china cabinet has moved into the dining room to hold books and decorative accessories. 

Dining room

*When we realized our new dining room would swallow our oval table that had only six chairs, we sat out to find 2 - 4 matching chairs. My initial thought was to simply contact Thomasville and find a retailer, which was quickly followed by the realization that we had furniture from a collection that had been discontinued several years ago. 

For two years while planning and building our home, I searched local Craigslist postings, eBay, and other local classifieds. I found a resale furniture store in Missouri that had three of the side chairs for sale, but the freight would have more than doubled the price. We watched as the chairs disappeared one by one. (And by-the-way, the owner had the chairs listed as mahogany.) 

I was almost ready to buy a new table and chairs, although I still wasn't ready to part with the furniture I had enjoyed for all these years. We had a history. Call me sentimental, but I kept seeing photos in my mind's eye of birthday cakes served at that table, happy smiles from family dinners, and cherished family members and friends who had sat at that table. But it was simply a piece of furniture and another could take its place. 

One day I again checked Craigslist and found a complete set for sale. We gladly purchased it, even pieces we would turn around and sell. But with our six chairs plus the new six chairs, we now have twelve matching chairs. Photos on July 23, 2017

By design, our dining room and living room are on either side of an open foyer. The rooms appear larger because of the open space and high ceilings. But we can also use the open foyer space to add tables that will accommodate additional guests. With our extra chairs and a few random side chairs from other rooms, we now have dining room furniture that was worth the initial investment.

Investment pieces

I have not tried to calculate the cost if we had to start from scratch and purchase new furniture to fill this new home. Thankfully, we planned a home that is our favorite style, the style we've been collecting furniture in over the past several years. 

I feel like we have saved a substantial amount of money through the years by thinking ahead when purchasing furniture.

Questions worth asking:

  • Is this a quality piece that is built to last? 
  • Is this real wood that can repaired if damaged? 
  • Are the drawer glides well-made? 
  • How commented am I to the style of this furniture?
    (We knew we loved the more formal pieces. However, our son's furniture is a beautiful oak that we still love. It has a nautical feel, but I've seen it in different style homes. It looked classic enough to us to have true "staying power." ) 
  • Have  we researched the reviews for this manufacturer? 
  • Is this a trend that will look dated in a few years? 
  • Can I "shop around" and find a better price? Will the retailer match that price? 
  • Can I find what I want on the used market? (Prices are incredible right now on quality case goods that are purchased from an individual owner.)  I will not buy a mattress or upholstered piece that is used. But I have several furniture pieces that I've been able to find at resale shops, garage sales, consignment shops, in the classified ads.  

Keep saving your money and keep looking! The right piece(s) will show up someday. The find can be worth the investment in both time and money.

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