Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Recycling" - new life to child's bedroom

I doubt either one of us ever gave any consideration to turning our son's bedroom furniture into an adult guest room, but that is what happened. (See Going around in circles)

Although the room is still a work in progress, here are some photos:

The top photo shows a navy coverlet with a chevron striped throw. I wasn't sure about that look, so continued to shop for something different. The nautical grey coverlet pulls the look together. I folded the navy coverlet and placed it across the foot of the bed.

So far I haven't found any small lamps that would be a good source of light for guests, who need a light source to use when turning out the lights and getting in bed. My temporary solution: an LED moonlight on each side of the bed.

I live in a house that backs up to a lake holding the equivalent of 384 acres of water. While I enjoy a touch of nautical in our home, it is a more sophisticated nautical than what might be found in a child's room or colorful beach house. I also want to keep the "touch of nautical" in accents, not as a primary focus in the home.

The hutch shelves need more attention, but so far I have found some wire baskets, used some sea grass and wicker baskets, and added some books. I feel like it's a good start to creating a welcoming adult guest room.

SIDE NOTE: Children's furniture tends to be less bulky than adult furniture. Considering that most secondary bedrooms are smaller than master bedrooms, it seems reasonable that children's furniture might not be overwhelming in size, as some adult furniture might be.

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