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What is the best flooring for closets?

It's rather simple, according to the experts.*

Closets need a hard surface to keep dust to a minimum.

Clothing sheds fibers, hair falls out while changing clothes, and dirt from the bottom of shoes is brought into the closet; plus we shed skin cells. Our closets are the perfect places to collect dust bunnies. Carpet "hides" all this, while adding to the problem as carpet fibers also shed.

This Old House

The magic question is which hard surface is best. There seems to be an infinite list of choices. (Slate, porcelain tile, brick, hardwood, engineered wood, laminate vinyl and more)

Wood floor carried into
a small hall closet

My simple suggestion is to look at the flooring just outside the closet. Is it tile? Then bring that tile into the closet. Is it wood flooring from the bedroom? Continue that wood into the closet.

What if you choose to carpet your bedroom floors and your closet opens to the bedroom? You can continue that carpet into the closet if your budget calls for that solution. If you decide to use a solid surface in a closet off a carpeted bedroom, it will make it easier to clean. However, if carpet is in your closet, it is definitely not breaking any law.

Bathroom tile continues
into the closet off the bathroom
If you have a large walk-in closet and want a softer surface, you can always consider an area rug. Not only will the rug add warmth, but also give you a softer surface to walk on. Area rugs can be removed, shaken out, and returned. Wall-to-wall carpet would require vacuuming on a frequent basis to keep all the dirt/hairs, dander, and clothes fibers from being trapped in the carpet.

Although I have always had carpet in my closets until we moved into our new home, I now realize just how much was probably trapped in that carpet. Cleaning a solid surface is quick and easy.

* Experts included our designer, builder, project manager and two flooring specialists

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