Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas at the dormers

While building, we tried to think ahead to how we would use spaces in our home, which allowed us to make some decisions about what was needed in different areas.

In order to place candles in the dormer windows during the Christmas season, we needed a few things:

  1. Electricity to the dormer windows

    We have electrical outlets placed inside the attic under or next to each of these windows.
  2. Black-out the surrounding structural framework

    The painters used black paint on the surrounding spaces so it would disappear into the night when the candles are seen from the street
  3. Access to the windows from the attic

    Normally, the windows above our front porch would have been inaccessible in our particular home if we hadn't asked about this beforehand. Our project manager and builder devised a plan.

    We have a shorter than normal door that leads from the attic to the front dormers.

    When we walk through the door to these dormers, we must duck or bend over to get to the windows.

    attic space behind dormers
    (above front porch)

  4. A way to turn these candles on in the dormers without making two trips to the attic each night.

    We had a switch placed in a downstairs closet that controls the power to the outlets by the dormers. 


It is time to make a twice yearly trip to this closed-in space, and always in the daylight so we can see what we're doing. 

We place a candle in each window and plug them into the sockets next to the windows.  

Last year we simply placed a candle in each window. We didn't have time for extras. 

This year, we've added a wreath to each window. That is an entirely different story. 

Thankful my husband cleaned spider webs out before I hung these wreaths. :-) 

Since this space it TIGHT, it's a one-person job. 

  •  Added the bow and cut the ribbon before going into the attic
  • Lowered the top window and lifted the wreath outside, while holding tightly to the hanging ribbon
  • Closed the top window slowly while adjusting the wreath to the correct height
  • Once the wreath was in place and the window almost closed, I closed it completely
  • Tied a knot in the tail of the ribbon that was left inside.  Pull the knot to the window to keep the wreath from falling down.
    We broke a couple of the ribbons when pulling the knot closed, so don't pull too tight
  • Trim the "tails" of the knot so the ribbon can't be seen from outside
  • Repeat.......

Now, I'm off to find suction cups or something I can use to get the candles in the center of the wreaths. I also need to find a soft light that will shine up  from the front lawn, so these wreaths can be seen at night.

I'll report back

Meanwhile, if you're still decorating like I am....................

Happy decorating! 

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