Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas decor from days gone by

I grew up in a home with a few real trees, but mostly artificial trees to keep our allergy problems at bay during the month of December. There was a trend during my childhood where people actually bought aluminum trees and had revolving light wheels that illuminated the tree. Now retro, then trendy!  

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The only thing I liked about those trees (yes, we had one) was the symmetry. (I believe I've mentioned symmetry.)  

Yet I also have such fond memories of the Christmas trees in my grandparent's house. Grandpa was a farmer and would find a wonderful little tree to bring home for Christmas. It was never symmetrical, but the memories of those trees stay in my mind as being special. They were decorated with love, popcorn strings, ornaments from the store or handmade. I just remember the whole picture and am fuzzy on details. 

I found myself wondering what type of Christmas decor was used in historic homes, so did a bit research. That research led me to loads of decorating ideas and some wonderful books. 

Two of the books I purchased:

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Author: Susan Hight Roundtree

There is a wealth of information, instructions, recipes and 
photos that are useful to help the reader plan Christmas decor. 

Beautiful photos and ideas capture the simple beauty of earlier Christmases.

Merry Christmas!

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