Saturday, December 3, 2016


When planning our house, two items on my wish list were a sink and a closet rod to hang clothes to drip dry.

We added two closet rods to the drying rack to double our space. The bottom rack is hung at 39" and the top at approx. 77".

I wanted to be able to remove the bottom rod if we needed to hang long shirts or dresses from the top rod. That is made simple by making sure both end brackets have open tops.


  • Make sure you can reach the top rack, or it will not be useful
  • Measure your normal shirt length (while it's hanging on a coat hanger), and add at least 2 inches. That measurement is the distance from the floor to the top of your bottom clothes bar. I added the 2" to keep the clothes off the floor.

    You'll have to talk to your trim carpenter, and explain what your measurements are. He will need to consider the diameter of the rod he'll use, plus any brackets to insure the rod is exactly where you want it. 

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