Monday, December 5, 2016

Gift to a city

Once there lived a wealthy lady by the name of Ima Hogg. She built a spectacular mansion in Houston, TX on the banks of a bayou.

While alive, Miss Hogg was an avid collector of furniture with a specific intent. She would provide future generations of Houstonians, along with their guests, this incredible showcase of various styles and periods of furniture.  (While the story seems a simple one, there is more to this story than what I shared. Isn't there always?)

"Ima Hogg was a woman of legendary energy and purpose. Although she enjoyed a privileged life, Miss Hogg was passionately concerned with the well-being of everyone in her community. A leading philanthropist in the state of Texas, she devoted her time and resources to improving the lives of ordinary people. Through Bayou Bend and its superb collection of American decorative arts, Miss Hogg created a magnificent legacy that would enrich the lives of future generations." - credit: MFAH
For those who enjoy historic homes, wonderful gardens, or simply love American Decorative Arts, a trip to Bayou Bend is a highlight.

Bayou Bend book cover

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