Friday, December 2, 2016

KISS (Keep It Simple, Seriously)

A promise!!! It is completely acceptable to keep our Christmas decorations simple, even though magazine pictures try to convince us otherwise.

For 10.5 months of the year, we all realize that magazines and television are both aimed at selling us products (i.e. taking our hard-earned money). But for some reason in November & December, we suddenly forget that we can still keep it simple.

Many or most of us probably sacrifice time with those we love because we are so overwhelmed with decorating. After Christmas or New Year's we then find ourselves having to dismantle all of the decorations.

While unpacking decorations, I found a stuffed pillow-type Santa that my sweet mom had made years ago. Realizing Santa might look good on a twin bed we have for our young granddaughter to use when she naps while at our house. Santa would add a tiny bit of Christmas to a room that isn't used often.

It was easy to fold the bed rail underneath the mattress, and throw on a white down comforter that we already had. During a trip to Walmart, I found the red throw, as well as two bright red satin-like pillow cases. Grabbing some inexpensive pillows to use inside the pillow cases, the simple plan came together to bring a touch of Christmas to a room that isn't used every day.

Amazon Photo
Since our children are grown, we don't have a ready supply of toys on hand. As I look back to the days of rooms filled with toys, I realized that a festive dress on a doll, holiday bow on a stuffed animal, even a collection of red fire trucks on display, are only a few ideas to dress up a child's room for Christmas without spending much money. Enjoy!!!

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