Monday, December 5, 2016

Large front doors and wreaths

Each year in our previous homes I have grabbed a wreath and wreath hook to add to my front door. It was that simple!

Not in this house!  YIKES!  Our new doors are over-sized, both in height and thickness. It is no longer simple, or so I thought.

We have had problems finding a way to hang Christmas decor on the doors.

I tried to find someone who could make an over-sized door hook for me, but had no luck. I purchased some hooks, trying to straighten, then bend again, but didn't have the right tools for the job.

Last year, after Christmas without door decor, I was planning to contact Wreath-Pro about a custom size, but they seem to be closed now. (Hope it's temporary.)

Finally I discovered one gal who used a command hook on the inside of her door to hang wreaths by a ribbon. Worth a thought!  (Thank you, Google!)

Property of Pretty Dubs -
 How to Hang a Wreath without nails

While this provided hope, I still had a problem. We have glass at the top of each door with a mullion running down the center of the beveled glass pieces. I refuse to put a Command Hook on the wood. 

AHHH!!!   Use two Command Hooks, one of each side of the mullion**, at the very top of the glass. (I chose clear hooks.) 

The solution:

We put a length of wired ribbon through the holder on the floral piece, centering the ribbon in order to have two long pieces to reach up and over our door.

We then positioned the floral piece at the proper location and held it in place. (Oh, did I forget to tell you this might be a 2 or 3 person task, depending on the size of your door?)   We brought the two pieces of ribbon over the door and tied each ribbon around one of the Command Hooks. 

Instead of cutting the leftover tail, we rolled it and tucked it behind the knots so it looks good on the inside, top of the door. 

Helpful hints: 
  • Use double sided wired ribbon if you are hanging this on glass doors. We choose green for the outside, which left a gold backing to be seen inside. 
  • **I did not want the floral piece to scratch the mullion on my door. I hot-glued a length of ribbon  down the center of the piece. The soft side was out so that side touched the stained mullion.



Bonnie Weeks said...

I'm SO glad it worked for you too! It's still one of my favorite secrets.

RRB said...

It was the perfect solution. Thank you again! :-)