Monday, January 16, 2017

Homes in Natchez

I'm not a big bed & breakfast fan, but one of the few we have stayed at was a historic home in Natchez, Mississippi. Our our first trip to Natchez, we reserved a suite in The Burn, which is a wonderful home to visit.
The beautiful city of Natchez, MS is filled with charm and is home to an abundance of incredible historic homes. Located on the banks of the majestic Mississippi, just across the river from Louisiana, the city has a legacy that is worth note. If you love historic homes, this southern city is a wonderful place to visit, especially during the spring pilgrimage when private homes can be part of the tours.

When visiting any home to gain ideas, it is always worth grabbing a notebook and camera. Many homes now allow photography if your flash is turned off. However, it is important to ask before taking photos inside any house.

At tours of private homes, it is never acceptable to take photos unless specifically told the owner welcomes photos.

Many ideas can be gained from home tours. One of my favorite things about old homes are the thick exterior walls they built because of the lack of modern insulation. As a nod to these thick walls, we came up with an idea that allowed a wall closer to the front doors to look thicker than they are by using square columns.

Property of Our Southern Home

We planned the dining room to be open to the foyer but needed columns in the space. Realizing that fewer columns would allow for a more open space, we "pushed" one of the columns to the far right by the front doors, leaving only one column where the wall "bends" on the left of the photo above.

Wrapping these two columns in dry-wall and molding allowed for a thicker facade. When standing in the space, the column near the front door appears to be a thick wall. It adds a sense of bulk to a modern build. It is small details like this that sometimes make a difference in a home.

I recently visited a charming, small patio house that had been "tweaked" to give the impression of a more elegant home. The homeowner had added picture molding to the drywall in the living/dining rooms. The builder grade kitchen cabinets had a faux finish that added a great deal of charm to the space. With small designer touches, this homeowner had added a personal sense of style to her home.

Remodels and new builds do not necessitate exact duplicates of the original ideas we gather from our home tours. Yet these home tours can serve as inspiration as we attempt to find how we want our own homes to be designed. Home tours are a great source of inspiration!

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There is a wide variety of hotels, plus wonderful bed and breakfasts. May I recommend:

The Natchez - Trip Advisor
One half block from Stanton Hall sits a lovely inn, The Natchez Pearl, that offers private suites for guests. We spent a lovely evening in the carriage house last spring. Worth checking out this lovely home before making a hotel reservation. 

Or check out other beautiful bed & breakfast options

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