Monday, January 9, 2017

Keeping it together

While roaming through a store 2 or 3 years ago, I noticed a beautiful little journal. The cover is made of cork, with lined pages and a ribbon bookmark inside adding to its charm.

The embossed anchor on the cover made me think of our new home.

I hadn't thought much about the journal until unpacking, but it brought a smile when I discovered it in one of what seemed like millions of boxes. (Thankfully, it wasn't actually a million.) 

"Maybe I should place this in the guest bedroom and ask guests to leave a favorite quote or Bible verse, along with their name and date of visit?"  That idea was quickly ruled out.

We had our first big dinner last Easter Sunday and the next day, I realized how helpful the journal could be.

It is in a drawer in the dining room, and is where I keep records of dinners, guests and menus, along with notes I want to remember. (Did we have too much or too little food? One guest doesn't like Easter ham, another guest prefers fish, etc.) All of these notes are in the journal so that next time that same group of guests will be in our home, we have information that help us remember details which would possibly be forgotten if not written down.

Yesterday our family met after church for chicken & dumplings, with mini corn bread muffins. The crock pot was full, and we ate it all. While I normally wouldn't have written down a simple family meal, I wanted to remember that I need to plan for a larger pot of chicken & dumplings next time we do this.

I've known hostesses who keep note cards for each guest that list any likes and dislikes. Today it seems more people keep a computer file that keeps this information organized, which is probably the easiest method. But for now, I'm trusting my little cork journal, mainly because it is so much prettier than my computer.


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