Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nottoway is for sale???

When I saw the private Facebook message, I had a split second thought that Nottoway could be for sale. Oh, no! What if the new owners get rid of the resort, with the bed & breakfast? What if .......

Photo property of expatenvrac.com/

Photo property of Luxe Beat magazine

But never fear! It's a replica that is for sale. And this replica is incredible!

Property of HAR.com

Comparing the two wedding cake-like homes caused me to wonder if the new build is an actual replica or used Nottoway as it's inspiration.

Merriam-Webster uses "exact" as a check-point when considering something to be a replica.
"an exact reproduction"
"a copy exact in all details" 
An "exact replica?"  No! But I do believe there is enough "Nottoway" in the new build to consider it a replica, even if in a broad sense of the term.

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