Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trust your gut instinct

When building a new home you will periodically need to TRUST YOUR GUT!

Your best friend, the man/lady at the store, the designer, the builder, your parents, your children, me, or nobody else knows EXACTLY what YOU want. And your home deserves to be a reflection of your tastes, your style and filled with things you enjoy.

I admit to feeling completely lost at the beginning of the building part of construction. Planning seemed fairly easy to me. The plans had been on paper and could be changed. 

When construction began it became overwhelming in my mind. I was excited, but also didn't want to make a "mistake" that we would live to regret. 

We consciously put some behaviors into place that spared us agony, although we probably slowed down construction at times. 

  • Communication - with each other, with builder and project manager, with designer, with vendors as needed
  • Decisions - "Agree to" and "follow through" that you will both (if building with another person) agree on the answer before responding to the builder's questions

    A builder will accept an answer from either of you, but if you make a practice of checking with your spouse before giving the answer, then neither of you will feel like things are being done behind his/her back.
  • "Trust your gut" - I love what Charlotte Jones Anderson (Chief Brand Officer and Executive Vice-President of the family owned Dallas Cowboys) says about lessons learned by trusting our gut instincts.
"Like with The Star complex and the halftime show, building a world-class sports stadium was another project she [Charlotte Jones Anderson] had no experience in until she and her family took it on. “It’s crazy,” she says. “I don’t think I had any training in anything that I’ve done. I’ve always had an insecurity because I didn’t have the training in X or the training in Y to do this. Are we just winging this? But when it’s yours to lose, you take on that responsibility far differently than if you’re working for someone else. You don’t have the same vested interest. The learning process of it has taught me not to be afraid of what you don’t know, and to trust your gut instinct at the end of the day.” - Texas Monthly (01-25-2017) The Woman Behind the ' Boys 
We have a wealth of information at our finger tips today. Websites have more than any catalog could hold, advice on everything from planning kitchen cabinets to floor tile and toilets are just a click away. It is worth taking your time to find what you want.

If you don't think it will look nice, don't order it.

If you want a unique product, search for it. We needed sconces for our TV room. My husband shakes his head when he tells that he looked at 1,000 pictures of sconces. He's not exaggerating. There were times we felt like we would NEVER find the sconces we wanted. The room has subtle stars because of the movie theme nature of the room. We had decided it might be fun to find a sconce with a star. It took months to find the light, and now I'm thankful we did not give up and just hang any light to get it done.

Trust your gut instinct. You will know when it is right!!!

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