Monday, January 30, 2017

Tulip experiment

This GRAND TULIP EXPERIMENT has just started, so I am not sure these tulips will live and if I made a good investment. Yet, they make me smile every time I look through the front windows.

I noticed hundreds of bare bulb, flowering tulips at the local grocery a few days ago. Before I knew it, there were 10 each of red, pink and yellow tulips in my cart. They just jumped in and came along for the ride, I assume. Later, my daughter brought 12 more purple tulips to me.

After doing some quick research, I decided they needed to be on the front side of my house for morning and mid-day sun, needed to be away from the flower beds with its sprinkler system, and needed to be planted quickly, then left alone to do their own thing. 

Off my daughter and I went to the nursery for pots in which to plant these tulips.  We found beautiful pots, plus potting soil and mulch.

Property of Our Southern Home

I was thrilled the color of these new pots matched 2 large pots near the backyard pool . That will allow us to use the pots in the back yard and have consistency of color and style of pots.

Since I live in the south, where we do not have a long cold winter, I will have to chill my bulbs. I am making notes on my gardening calendar to watch them and get things ready to chill them so I can hopefully have beautiful tulips next spring. 

Meanwhile, I will plant something else in those pots while the tulips are dormant. That hasn't been decided yet. Wish me luck?!?!?

Property of Our Southern Home
NOTE: (March 10, 2017) The "experiment" is over. After study, then hearing THE BULB HUNTER speak, I finally gave up and realized tulips are not for this part of the country. I am pulling the bulbs out of the ground today, cleaning them, drying them, and sending them to my sister who actually gets cold weather that will allow the tulips to bloom next year. Hopefully she will send photos to me. ;-)

(March 21, 2017) Yesterday I planted bright red geraniums and yellow Gerber daises in these pots. Hoping they last the summer.

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