Friday, January 13, 2017

Virtual walking tours in New Orleans

Years ago, a taxi dropped us in front of a hotel in the famed French Quarter of New Orleans. We strolled the streets, took a carriage ride, and discovered a tiny part of a city that we would return to visit several times. Each visit brought new discovers, new food, and new sites.

When planning our new home, we once again visited the Garden District and Uptown for inspiration. We navigated a trolley line that was under construction, ate in a neighborhood diner, visited the campus of Tulane, strolled past stunningly beautiful homes, and saw a part of New Orleans that we didn't know existed when we first visited. In one small bookstore, we met the owner whose best friend owned a shop we frequent when in Stillwater, OK. 

The Garden District and Uptown have become my favorite parts of the city. It was one of those houses that helped us receive approval for the Corinthian columns on our front porch. If a one-story historic home in New Orleans, plus a single story porch of another historic house in Savannah could handle Corinthian columns, then maybe they would work on our home. (another story for another day) 

Hoping you enjoy some beautiful southern homes with me today: 
Or, take a ride on the Natchez River Boat, the very first river boat my husband and I rode on while on our honeymoon. No wonder we fell in love with the south! The Natchez is the last steam powered riverboat on the Mississippi. 

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