Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I have to smile when I hear a man say his wife is the most beautiful woman he's ever known (or seen). There couldn't be that many "most beautiful" women, or they would all look identical!

However, as my wise, wonderful mother used to tell me, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

As a child I would think, "sure, it is!" probably with a hint of sarcasm in my thoughts.

As the years tend to do, they have left me hopefully wiser than in my childhood. I now realize the expression is full of wisdom. As each of those men honestly feel like they married the most beautiful woman, all of us tend to enjoy or find more beauty in certain styles, more than in others.

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder!

I've shared that we love historic home styles. Yet there are some historic homes I will admit I find more appealing than others. While others might like the turrets on castles, mid-century modern, or homes reminiscent of historic Mediterranean structures, my favorites tend to be Georgian, Queen Anne, and cottage styles.

I sometimes see a Greek Revival style home that fascinates me. Although I would probably not choose to build a shingle style home, I am intrigued with their charm. Living near the Gulf Coast, I also see charm in coastal cottages.

My best suggestion when starting to plan a new home is to find photos of homes you like. Don't depend on verbal communication, expecting the architect or designer to understand exactly what you want. Show them!

Search Google, magazines, or even take photos of houses you like. Create a binder of photos, even if it is only a few, that showcases your dream style. Mark the photos if they need further explanation.

One example:
Beautiful farmhouse - Photo property of Between Naps on the Front Porch blog

Note: The home in the above photo is perfect. I simply used it as an illustration of making notes for an architect. It is worth your time to read the post about how this home was remodeled. It is definitely an incredible tale and once again a wonderful home!

It is alright to share photos of homes you love, even though they will not work on your lot. If you do not have a corner lot, but love this Texas limestone facade, it is okay to share with the designer. He/she needs to know what you love in order to facilitate your amazing new home. After all, "a picture IS worth a thousand words."

Stunning Texas limestone facade from Houzz.com 

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