Friday, February 3, 2017

"Please" and "Thank you!"

As I stood in line waiting to enter a government building earlier this week, I was near a lady and her young granddaughter. When another lady mentioned how polite the child was, the grandmother beamed with pride.

The stranger had asked the little girl a question, to which the child replied, "Yes, Ma'am." For some reason, the grandmother proceeded to share how the child's mother had taught her to say, "Yes, Sir," etc. when responding to adults. However, her other grandmother who lives in a northern state would not allow the child use such terms when speaking to her. She believes it puts the child in a subservient position.

This is not meant as a criticism, but an observation. I do believe common courtesy's of the south are important. By using such expressions, we are treating others with the respect they deserve.

As an elementary teacher, I used to say "Yes, Sir," and "No, Ma'am" to my fourth graders. They heard the terms so often, they too were using them before long.

When we get "stuck" and have no clue what to do, the Manner Mentor is just a click away. Marlee McKee has an incredible blog devoted to teaching us to use our best manners. After all, that is an important part of living in the south. :-)

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