Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Our home is not a replica of any single home, but simply designed with details that suggest another time period. Lanterns hang over our kitchen island and breakfast table. (A historic home would have had a separate kitchen building because of the fire hazard.)

Beautiful medallions grace the living and dining room ceilings. (Medallions in a historic home would probably have been created of plaster. Our medallions were simply created from a historic pattern.)

Looking at other replicas can also provide ideas for a new build, since the creators of the replicas most likely were detail-oriented architectural history buffs.

A home that would be fun to tour is the Tara replica in the famed Garden District of New Orleans.

Property of PineappleIslands

Rakel Gomez (who blogs at PineappleIslands) shared photos of a real-life Tara that was built to look like the movie facade of the stunning home from Gone With the Wind fame. The 1941 home sits at 5705 St. Charles Street.

By the way, Gone With the Wind movie fans who have not read Margaret Mitchell's novel might be interested to know the back-story between the Tara in the book and the movie version of the now famous house.  Tommy H. Jones' paper, Tara, explains the disagreement between Mitchell and the movie producer.  

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