Monday, March 13, 2017

Cold morning treat!

Once upon a time (or at least that is the way my elementary-school-self once believed every story was supposed to begin)....................

........I was an avid tea lover! Hot tea or iced tea? I loved both. In fact I loved tea so much I seldom, if ever, drank water.

It was a habit that needed to be broken, and it was. My main beverage is now H2O.

When I first stopped using tea as my primary beverage, I still loved the taste of a glass or cup of tea. I would allow myself to drink tea only when traveling away from home. The last few years I rarely even think about tea.

On cold mornings when I want a warm drink, I sometimes indulge in a mug of  hot chocolate.

The over-sized Bell jar started out full of my favorite cocoa mix last fall. My sweet daughter-in-law also shared a jar of cocoa with me.Winter in south Texas has given way to warmer, sunshiny days and the cocoa mix is almost gone.

This is an easy Christmas gift for friends who like chocolate.

Collecting containers throughout the year, mixing a batch in a large bowl, and you have homemade gifts to share.

There are tons of recipes online so you can find your personal favorite. My favorite (below) was shared with me by my daughter-in-law.


16 oz Borden Cremora - dry/powdered (Coffee Mate)

16 oz Nesquik

1 lb Powdered Sugar

1 box powdered milk (non-fat dry milk)  (Note: We have discovered that sizes of boxes fluctuate. I use the box that is closest in size to 1 pound/16 ounces)

Mix all ingredients well, sifting to remove any lumps. Store in air-tight containers.


I put a heaping 1/3 cup of mix in the bottom of my mug, and add marshmallows.

I heat a heaping 1 cup of water to boil, and pour over the mix, stir and enjoy.

Pardon me while I enjoy an early morning treat!

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