Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hard work, tired muscles

Part of living in a house that reminds me of history, is that I often think about how our grandparents and great grands might have lived. Neighbors shared plants with each other, grew cutting gardens for flowers to bring inside or share with their neighbors, and grew many of their own vegetables.

Simply because we thought we would enjoy being in the yard, my husband and I decided to plant our own bedding plants this spring. We planted several things Saturday to replace the ones that couldn't survive the hard freeze we experienced in January.  The bed we worked on is now home to a row of pink-white day-lily bulbs. In front of that is a row of bright pink dianthus, with a front border of pink and purple verbena.

This week I planted more verbena, some gladiolus for a cutting garden, calla lilies, more dianthus, day lilies and tomatoes.

In the middle of the day I realized the garden needed to be tilled, so that was done before the tomatoes went into the ground.

A sweet neighbor from my previous home had shared some yellow cosmos seeds with me. It was fun to plant them around the pink dianthus by the driveway.

I got two special treats as I was cleaning up to come inside.

Our first magnolia bloom this year

A bird-friend stopped by

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