Monday, March 27, 2017

Keeping wood away from an outdoor kitchen

While planning our home we visited local Home & Garden Shows, sitting in on a few instructional classes and talking to a few dozen experts in their field. It was at one of these shows that we met the gentleman who installed our hardwood flooring. 

One of the classes that interested us was about outdoor kitchens, taught by the owner of a company where we had purchased gas grills for our previous two homes. But those were both portable grills and this home needed a built in grill. 

We intentionally had limited space, which only needed a grill and outdoor sink. One of the starred items in my class notes was not to use wood products in the construction of the cabinet where the grill was to be installed. We have noticed multiple houses with outdoor kitchens constructed on a wood frame. A few homes even used wood in the entire construction. 
RCS grill

However, we learned that any wood within a certain radius is a dangerous combination with a fire. We eventually purchased a Renaissance Cooking Systems (RCS) grill. The instruction manual included the same information.  

"Notice - MUST be installed in a non-combustible cabinet for outdoor kitchen applications." RCS

Although we wanted a brick facade for the outdoor kitchen cabinet, it still needed some supports to hold both the heavy grill and counter-top slab. Instead of wood, the builder used metal supports that span the top of the brick so the weight is no issue. The closest wood is in the taller-than-normal soffits below the roof. 

We are thankful we attended the class and learned this valuable lesson. 

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