Saturday, March 18, 2017

Unique table runners

Why is it that I look through racks of table runners in stores, yet rarely seem to find one I want to use? It may be partially due to a decorating class I took where Lauren explained we should not make purchases unless the item is absolutely essential, or if we actually love it and it fits perfectly into our home.

Lauren's lesson took a while to grab hold of, but it finally helped me stop making impulsive purchases. I now stop to evaluate items before going to the checkout. Last week I had seven items in my shopping cart. Before I got to the checkout, all seven had been returned to their original shelves. None of them were needed/perfect/or loved!

Or maybe it is because I recently moved and had to clean out items that I did not want to bring with me. Since moving into our new home, I have tossed out other items as well. I simply do not want extra baggage to carry with me if and when we move again.

As one of my neighbors shared, "The more stuff you have, the more you have to take care of."

Since I have become more careful about what I spend money on, finding a table runner (or anything else) becomes a challenge. However, I do save more money with this new shopping philosophy. When I find something worth bringing home, I enjoy it more instead of continuing to shop for something better.

One surprising source for unique table runners has been long, fashion scarves. Yesterday, as I was in Dilliard's department store, I noticed a 60% off sale rack of scarves. After looking at some to wear, I discovered the scarf pictured in this post. It is covered with tiny sequins, lacy in appearance, and reflects light beautifully. It is not something I would feel comfortable wearing during the holidays, but my dining table would be festive with this scarf used as a table runner.

And the price, $16.80, would be hard to beat for a table runner to add to my holiday decor.

I live near Houston where rodeo is huge! I have other long scarves that look like long bandannas. These are great runners for setting a table at an outdoor party/cookout.

Scarves have multiple uses. They are worth checking out next time you are looking for a special table runner.

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