Monday, April 3, 2017

Found on Pinterest

Pinterest has revolutionized our ability to save ideas and helpful hints. One of my recent favorites is totally simple, yet a great find.

My husband uses a certain creamer in his coffee. When I noticed the familiar shape, my mind began to realize just how many uses these empty containers could have in my pantry. What a space saver!!!

The containers take up very little space, are easy to clean by soaking in warm soap & water, then air drying. The red lid screws on and off. The larger hole makes it easy to fill. (I have a funnel with a larger opening.)

Nuts (for morning oatmeal and baking), chocolate morsels for cookies, children's snacks, etc. If it can be poured out of the smaller hole in the red lid, the empty containers are worth considering.

It's a win-win storage solution!

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