Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Creating a calm background

While this is a personal opinion, more and more of my friends are also expressing the same thoughts lately. "Less is more!"

Not only was the paint carefully chosen to function as a relaxing background, but the window coverings are not busy. There are no heavy draperies or window toppers in our house.

Window trim dresses up every window. The windows on the front and sides of our homes have plantation shutters that are the same color as the white trim on the windows. The windows across the back of the house have shades that can be lowered and raised.

We carefully wanted a "background" that did not compete with furnishing and accessories. To accomplish that, we choose the details with care

Although there is a great deal that seems to be going on in this corner of the kitchen, it all blends together to fade into the background of the good-sized kitchen, breakfast room and great room that are open to each other.

Photo property of MySouthernHome2014

The greys on the cabinets and wall are accented by the subway tiles of the backsplash. Stainless steel appliances do not compete for attention with the cabinet hardware since that was carefully chosen to be more functional than ornate. The muted grey and white in the quartz countertop also keeps from drawing attention to itself. 

Photo property of MySouthernHome2014

The only element that we weren't sure would "blend" into the background was the brick flooring. However, after installation, we realized it is does in fact appear to be used bricks, which are more mellow than darker bricks.  Although the floor is noticeable, it does not jump out and draw attention to itself. 

We have discovered that we enjoy being surrounded by calm colors in the wall paint, hardware, countertops, etc. It provides the view out our back windows to be even more stunning. 

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