Monday, May 1, 2017

SAFETY! trust your gut instinct

What a strange experience, but it is happening too often these days.

Maybe sharing this experience is my therapy to get rid of my frustration. DRAMA ALERT! :-)

We are closing on a house at the end of this week. While on the market, the house was staged with various furniture.

We are now trying to sell some of the items we used for staging. One of the listings is for a bedroom set.

A lady contacted me by Facebook private message last Wednesday afternoon, telling me she was interested in the bedroom set if it was still available.

I told her it was still available and had to be picked up from our garage on Thursday or Sunday because of our schedule. And it was a cash only sale.

I explained the furniture would be available until sold or late Sunday, whichever came first. She said "tomorrow is fine" which would have been Thursday. I gave her my cell phone number. She said she would text me a time she could look at it Thursday.

She texted with a question Wednesday night, but I heard nothing from her all day Thursday. Then she reappeared Friday night by text, saying she would come Saturday morning. I told her we couldn't meet her until late Saturday, and she said she would be there. At 3:30 I texted her and asked her if she could meet us at 6 pm, and she agreed, but never showed up.

Sunday she agreed to meet at 2 pm, but showed up at 3:30.  STRIKE ONE!

She was in a small SUV. I asked her about the truck and guys she said she was bringing to load the heavy furniture. She said she was headed to the U Haul to get the truck and get a guy at the store to come help her load it. STRIKE TWO!

She had even told us to go ahead and leave with our loaded vehicles. We could move the furniture out of the garage onto the driveway and she would pick it up while we were gone.

The price of the bedroom set was $500 firm. She brought $300 and was "sad" we wouldn't accept it. STRIKE THREE!

This was just bizarre.

Careful out there when selling things online!!!

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