Thursday, May 11, 2017

Enjoying sunsets

There are many "favorites" in our new home, most of them carefully planned.

Probably the absolutely favorite part of living in this house are the evening sunsets that never fail to amaze our family and friends.

The fact that we would have an incredible view of the evening sun was not something we thought about while planning or building, yet was a wonderful "surprise" when we got our focus off planning and started enjoying the house after moving in.

In case you think we're clueless because the sun always sets in the west, please understand our thoughts. We moved from a home that was built in a wooded area so we never saw the sunsets. All we saw were the huge pines and oaks. While beautiful, they tended to look pretty much the same every day.

The back of our new house is perfectly positioned to watch the sun get lower in the sky and disappear behind houses and trees across the lake. Every night is different, and each stunning on its own.

Some random photos:

Some sunsets are dramatic!!!
6-13-2016  8:37 PM

Other sunsets seem "quiet" 
3-27-2017   7:24 PM

3-27-2017  7:29 PM

3-27-2017  7:35 PM
Each unique in its own way,
every one of the sunsets catches our attention.

Each is a gift from the creator of the universe.

4-7-2017  7:43 PM

4-7-2017  7:53 PM

 We could never have imagined this view from the kitchen table.

4-11-2017  7:41
(These three photos were taken in less than one minute)

4-11-2017  7:41

4-11-2017  7:41

4-18-2017   7:27 PM

4-18-2017  7:44 PM

I hope you find and enjoy something beautiful in your world today!

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