Saturday, June 10, 2017

What is that smell?

I must laugh at this one. It only took one year to figure out an answer to a "problem."

We have floored in attic storage and are in that space regularly. Periodically we would notice an odor that we couldn't find. It would come and go.

But we could find NOTHING!

Were animals getting in the attic and dying?  But the smell wasn't strong enough to be something like that. What IS that smell?

Then one day a plumber was at the house and I asked him a question about a toilet in a bathroom that is rarely used. While answering the question, he turned on the water in the bathtub. Letting it only run a fraction of a second, he explained that I needed to repeat that every week or two.

The plumber explained that water sitting in unused drains tends to "sour" (my term for the smell). We need to make the water move through the drain on a regular basis. We also have a couple sinks that aren't used regularly, I now make a point of flushing running water in sinks and tub each week,

It is now obvious that smell had been travelling to the attic through the bathroom vent pipes. Since I've started running water, the attic no longer has a strange odor.

Thankful it was such an easy solution!

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