Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Antiques, "new"-tiques, "dear"-tiques

When walking through the Charleston private homes that graciously allowed visitors to peak inside during the annual Festival of Homes and Gardens, my eyes gravitated to something I already loved. Isn't that the way we are?  We are drawn to the familiar.

For example, when we're interested in a specific car, we see all the others just like it as we drive through town.

Before visiting any of the homes, we had to make a stop at the Shops of Historic Charleston Foundation to secure our tickets. This small shop was filled with beautiful Charleston memorabilia; classic pieces of Canton ware, pineapple decor, and more. The beautiful shop is as far from the typical souvenir store as you might get. These were beautiful items that would actually be used in home decor, instead of the typical trinkets and t-shirts.

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One part of the tour that fascinated me was the blue and white ware in front of my eyes, in both the shops and the homes.
"The most fashionable tables in the early American Republic were set with blue and white "Canton" ware, so called for the great Chinese trading port from which it came. Chinese blue and white porcelain was in demand well into the 19th century and has been part of the heritage of many American families. Blue Canton faithfully recaptures this centuries old tradition and taste."- Historic Charleston Foundation
Knowing we would have china cabinets on either side of a fireplace in our dining room, I started adding to my small collection in order to use these pieces to bring more historical significance to my decor.

Meanwhile, as I unpacked I discovered a few select pieces that have special meaning to us. This pair of inexpensive doves are dear to me because they sat on the bride's cake table at my wedding.

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The nearby plate was a recent find at an antique store in Old Town Spring, north of Houston.

I have used a few red and white pieces in the mix to create interest. One of these pieces holds a special significance to Texans because it has a rendering of The Alamo. It was found at a resale shop in Tomball, TX.

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Today, the top of the dining room table has blue and white ware displayed. It changes periodically.

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Before visiting Charleston, I had been contemplating what to do with the china cabinet that we purchased with our dining room furniture in the 1980s. That piece was the main reason we noticed the Thomasville dining room furniture, and we still love its design.

While touring homes in Charleston, we noticed a couple similar pieces being used in living rooms, holding decorative pieces and books. There was my answer! (Always be on the lookout for design ideas.) 

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Our china cabinet found a new home in the living room. With books and select blue and white pieces, it looks works perfectly!

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