Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mixing lamps in a room

Once again, shopping at home (in the attic) came to the rescue!

In searching for lamps for our great room, I found a pair we have used before that are darkened brass and have lovely silk, pleated shades.

Still needing a third lamp, I began checking stores.

A single lamp caught my attention as I was walking through Marshall's/Homegoods. I had a feeling it would be perfect in the space, so brought it home to verify.

Everything was great, except the shade  did not look great in the same room with the silk, pleated shades that were already on the other two lamps.

MySouthernHome2014 photo

"Wait a minute!" After realizing the shades on the master bedroom lamps are similar to the shade on the new lamp, I switched them out.

MySouthernHome2014 photo

Although the lamps are two different styles, material, and finishes, the common elements in the shades pull the lamps together and create a pleasing design. 

Sources I checked when trying to figure out how to use different lamps in a single room. 

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