Saturday, August 5, 2017

Patio cushion storage

When my husband mentioned a co-worker who stores her patio cushions while they are not being used, my mind immediately thought, "that's a lot of unnecessary work."

HOWEVER, I am writing this in the heat of a Texas Gulf Coast summer when mosquitoes are at their worst, it is the hottest time of the year, and ceiling fans do not make a dent in the patio temperature.

What does THAT have to do with storing cushions?

  • Our backyard touches a lake
  • Heat brings mosquitos
  • We have a covered patio with mosquito misters
  • In this heat, these misters spray at least 5-6 times per day
  • Misters spray a wet mist which lands on any surface below
    I must realize that mist dropping onto patio cushions, followed by dirt from the air being captured in the wet substance
After moving it, it didn't take long to notice the "film" of dirt on our patio floor. A water hose and gentle spray washes the dirt film away. However, I do not want to constantly clean patio cushions, and the only way to keep them clean is to store them.

We looked at two large storage trucks at the store where we purchased our furniture. photo

The beautiful wicker-look truck would be a great addition to any patio. My concerns were the openings inherent in any wicker product. It simply takes more cleaning. We could very well spray the piece with a water hose to get rid of the grime from the misters, but the cushions inside the trunk might possibly get damp. I already live in a humid climate, so having to risk more dampness to our cushions seemed a recipe for disaster in my opinion.

A second piece that is the same finish as our furniture had several things going for it. The flat top could make a great serving area.  One of the trunks could sit behind our sofa, like a sofa table. Yet we needed two for the amount of cushions we have. The sofa is not twice as long as the trunk. If it was, two of these would have been a perfect solution, adding more serving space to our patio.

The price was more than either of us wanted to pay.

We searched online and found multiple choices, but none seemed to work for our space. We had to realize our great room is all windows, and surrounded by patio. Anywhere we placed the storage would result in us seeing the back of a box that is butted up to our windows. We didn't want that.

IF, there weren't windows, we might have made a different choice. But, we decided the best option for our space is what my sister chose for her cushion storage.

Frontgate photo - Large Cushion Keeper
The Frontgate Cushion Keeper is also available in an Extra-Large size which we need. It is lightweight, can be moved on wheels, and is collapsible. We can wheel it in and out of the garage with ease.

Another item marked off the "to-do" list!

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