On the coffee table

(Book Stacks)

Yes, this is a photo of my coffee table.
NO! Although I own copies of all of these books,
I do not have them all stacked on top of my coffee table. 

  • Coming HOME, The Southern Vernacular House ("For nearly thirty years, James Lowell Strickland and his partners at Historical Concepts have created new homes and communities that pay homage to America's architectural heritage.")
  • The Welcoming House, The Art of Living Graciously by Jane Schwab and CIndy Smith ("A house with an open door is like a friend with an open heart: inviting, generous of spirit, practical, adaptable, and constant at the core.")
  • Grand Homes of the South by Bill Harris (This was probably the first purchase we made of books about southern homes. It is primarily a book jammed full of photos of beautiful old southern homes that are still being used for families or for tours. Out of print and used copies are generally available at a bargain.)
  • Historic Homes of America by Ernest Wood (auther) and Ric Pattison (photographer) (Another photography book about historic homes)
  • Historic Places (part of the Reader's Digest series, Explore America) (Although not devoted to the south, it has some great historical information that is useful when planning a home. Colonial Williamsburg and Confederate Charleston are two of the chapters.) Found at a used book store
  • Great Traditional Style by Meredith Publishing Group with Shelley Stewart (beautiful photography, with brief descriptions) Found at a used book store
  • Old South, A Picture Memory by Bill Harris ("Nowhere in the United States is there a region as steeped in romance as the Old South. It is a land of treasured memories, gracious plantation hoouses, country estates and rural retreats.") Found at a used book store. Out of print
  • Book: The Charleston Interior by J. Thomas Savage (author) and N. Jane Isely (photographer)
  • Book: The Complete Walking Tour of Historic Charleston (thin, paper-backed guide book with labeled map, background of the city, and written directions for a self-guided tour) Very useful if visiting Charleston, even if in the city during a festival of open houses. There are numerous homes of interest that are not open to the public on any given tour, so this becomes a valuable resource of find a bit of history from and names of hundreds of homes.
  • Book: Historic Homes Charleston South Carolina, A Pictorial Guidebook (A great companion to a walking tour. Houses are organized by streets.)
  • Aged to Perfection by Leslie Linsley, a Country Living Book. The subtitle "Adding Rustic Charm To Your Modern Home Inside & Out" is a perfect description for this book. While I am not using "rustic charm," this book is still loaded with helpful ideas such as How To Make a Floor Cloth, Getting the County Farmhouse Look, how to use quilts, using plates, incorporating antique door hardware and more.  

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