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"A picture is worth a thousand words" encourages me to stop looking at photos of houses, and actually get outside and look at real homes. Historic homes that are open for tours are not only treasures of beauty and lessons in history, but they provide a wealth of design information when looking to create a home with a historic feel to it.

The McFaddin-Ward House (hidden gem*) in Beaumont, TX

Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens (hidden gem*) in Houston, TX (After multiple visits, I would gladly return.)

River Oaks Azalea Trail in Houston, TX (Always enjoyable)

Goodman-LeGrand House & Museum (hidden gem*) in Tyler, TX  (I have not been inside, but peaked through windows when it was closed. The home has an authentic quality, yet showcases beautiful woodwork and actual furniture pieces from the home.) 

Annual Festival of Houses and Gardens in Charleston, SC (Incredible!!!)

Annual Fall Tour of Homes in Charleston, SC

Colonial Williamsburg in Williamsburg, VA (Beautiful)

Oak Alley in Vacherie, LA  (a favorite!!!)

Boone Hall in Mount Pleasant, SC (this front door elliptical, fanlight transom was the inspiration for our transom

Laura - A Creole Plantation home in Vacherie, LA  (unique, but a great piece of southern history)

NEW! Seaquist Mansion* in Mason, TX
Just discovered this and would love to visit someday.

(more to come......................)

*Hidden gems may be well known in a local area, but are not necessarily nationally known

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