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  • Bayou Bend Gardens, A Southern Oasis by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (If you are not familiar with Bayou Bend, it is a legendary property in Houston. The landscaping is fabulous and is open for tours year-around.)
    Front Cover
  • Better Homes and Gardens Rose Gardening (American Rose Society Tested & Endorsed) An incredible paperback encyclopedia of everything roses
    Front Cover
  • Burbee's American Gardening Series Flowering Shrubs by Ken Druse
    Paperback; a feast for the eyes and the garden
    Front Cover
  • Designing with Roses by Richard Rosenfeld
    Wonderful resource
    Front Cover
  • Texas Home Landscaping by Greg Grant and Roger Holmes
    A great how-to resource for planning and installing garden structures, walks, beds, etc. 
  • A Garden Book for Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast with the River Oaks Garden Club
    This book is frequently updated, but is an essential guide for the Houston area gardener. The information in this book is tested and tried by other area gardeners. 
  • Tough Plants; Unkillable plants for every garden by Sharon Amos
    If you know me, you would know I need a book like this
    Front Cover
  • The Complete Encyclopedia of Roses by Nico Vermeulen
    A beautiful resource
  • DK's Encyclopedia of Roses by Charles and Brigid Quest-Ritson

    Front Cover
    Want to find the perfect rose for your yard?  This is a resource you want. I'm content to just sit and read about some of these roses. This is an incredible resource. 
  • Empress of the Garden by G. Michael Shoup
    Front Cover

    What can I say about this book?  It is absolutely fabulous!!!

    I happen to have a personalized copy, signed by the author, who is an expert in antique roses. When I heard Michael speak, I fell in love with the idea of antique roses in my garden. That day hasn't come yet because our landscaper choose Knock-out roses. So far, so good. BUT I am NOT a great gardener, and when something dies, I'm headed to the Antique Rose Emporium in Independence, TX to start my collection of antique roses. After all, an old looking home deserves antique roses, in my opinion.





(I have not purchased products from any of these companies, unless noted, so do not know anything about them. While they may be excellent resources, they are shared here for research purposes only.)

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