(Reduce, Reuse and Repurpose)
in no specific order

Just a note:  I can't help but be reminded of these truths when repurposing items:
  1. Character - The patina and style of a repurposed item can add character to a room, often making the space seem more historically authentic
  2. "Go Green" - Not only are we being historically correct, we're keeping the item from going to a landfill while giving it new life and a new place in our home 
  3. Money saver - When we give new life to items we own, or were given by someone, we are saving money. Even finding items in a resale shop is often a money saver since we usually pay dimes on the dollar.

RESALE - RESTORATION - REPURPOSE (including antiques)



(I have not purchased products from any of these companies, unless noted, so do not know anything about them. While they may be excellent resources, they are shared here for research purposes only.)

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