The little things

It is often said it's the "little things" that add personality to a home. This collection of ideas strike me as having a historic feel or southern style.

Property of Tim Arnold

  • Ariean's "One Krieger Chick" blog contains a post about how she created a silhouette memory board using silhouettes of her sons. Silhouettes add historic value to a home, and this board makes an especially charming accent in her home.

    I have silhouettes that were created by Tim Arnold , known as the "Silhouette Man," who does incredible work. Because Tim wasn't going to be in our city, we sent a profile photo to him and he created a silhouette of our granddaughter. We love it!

    We knew his work because he had done silhouettes of our children in person when they were young. The details in Mr. Arnold's work far surpasses that of other silhouette artists I've seen.

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